Mark Reuben’s recent appearance on Next Door Nightmare, SKY 1

Mark Reuben’s recent appearance on Next Door Nightmare, SKY 1

Mediators Mark and John try to ease tensions between a gardener and her neighbour in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, who have a dispute over the height of some conifer trees by providing reasonable solution in the end which has been beneficial for both parties.

We’ve all had irritating neighbours. But as Next Door Nightmares shows, barking dogs and trumpet-learning children are the least of your worries.

From Excessive bongo playing to tall conifer trees, Mediators will either fill you with relief that you don’t have such inconsiderable neighbours or with hope that a reasonable solution is possible.

The New Program in SKY 1, Next Door Nightmare brings warring neighbours together in an attempt to resolve their ongoing feuds with mediators, many of whom are volunteers, sent in to try and defuse the situations. Their job is not without risk, those involved in long running disputes may be on the verge of violence and otherwise reasonable homeowners are driven to fury by their inconsiderable neighbours. Each episode follows the mediators as they attempt to reconcile rows – from the moment they’re called through the negotiation process and culminates in ace to face meeting between the quarrelling parties. 

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