Mediation4U-Mark Reuben

Mediation 4 U is the one stop service. So many of us have so little time as we are caught up in the current financial crisis so time is very limited. Disputes can become a burden so mediation 4 u can help quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost in relation to going to court or using solicitors. Whether it be divorce, family commercial children as well as divorce and contact arrangements the conflict can be dealt with immediately leaving you to focus on other matters.....stress free.

Mr Mark Reuben

Having been in business for the past 32 years and setting up successful companies with over 100 employees I have been involved with many of life’s troubles whether it be mine or that of my staff I always found Mediation was the answer which is why I am such an advocate on the matter.

I studied at TCM to get a solid understanding of Workplace mediation and the studied at ADR (academy of dispute resolution) and after successfully completing the course further my mediation skills with Family and Children Mediation and Divorce Mediation, I realise the urgency for people to deal with conflicts as soon as it arises will make such a difference to the quality of their lives and those affected around them.

Mediation saves time, exorbitant costs as well as unnecessary stress. The solution lies with the parties it’s not arbitrated, or a judgement handed down by a judge it’s your solution to be resolved and an agreement is written between the parties to adhere to.





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